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Alhamdulillah… Allahuakbar

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Rinduuuu pulau 🏊
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Selamat Pagi ☀️
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"My constant need for wanting to perfect things has the tendency of blowing up all in my face."

Dau Voire (via kushandwizdom)

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Rindu Awak 200%
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by @suriaryani “To my dearest colleague in AirAsia,siapa yang kenal Co-pilot Azam Abdul Manaf? Watever happens between him and his wife is of course their problem but being abusive is just too much.. And taking the child away from her mother lagi la!! Memalukan.. by @lovetodress_shop “Stand up against abusive men! Sabr (Patience) does not mean allowing husbands to physically abuse wives. Taking care of your husband’s aib (bad faults or any shame) does not justify oppression and hypocrisy to the highest level. But most importantly, using religion or Islam to justify an abusive relationship is NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL!
Salam sisters my husband’s name is Azam Bin Abdul Manaf and he is a pilot with with AirAsia. I will share more details later today. I sgt sgt hargai everyones help and concern. Dulu i was advised by my mother in law and sis in law to sabar, jaga aib suami and because i did the abuse continues to thrive. Dan i tau my case ni is not unique. ramai lagi isteri yang lalui benda sama. cuma mungkin malu nak cerita dkt orang sebab tak nak undang simpati. The thing with abuse ni lama kelamaan the victims will feel eh maybe i deserve. if i didnt provoke him tak jadi macam ni. It eats away my self worth. The truth is no wifes deserves to fear the man who is suppose to be her protector.” #returnrania #stopviolenceagainstwomen #Azamtostoptheabuse
Please help us to share this. To azam, we hope that Allah will soften your heart and may you see that there is no benefits in this abusive manner. Return rania to her mother .. please”

@minkarim, may Allah swt grant u much reward for being strong and for speaking up againts violence.

We don’t hate you brother Azam, but we hate your actions. Come back to humanity, come back to Islam bro…” via @InstaReposts

Me: No woman ever deserves to be treated like this by her husband, I pray that she will be reunited with her beautiful daughter real soon, insyaAllah!” via @InstaReposts

To open house, here we go
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Dinner date 💑
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